Free Whistle Promotion

To celebrate my second year of teaching online, and soon approaching, my 100th masterclass, I am giving away free whistles to all new students (while supplies last). After signing up, simply email me your address and I’ll send it off!

Feadog Pro Whistle, Key of D

Price: $14.95 Free with Monthly Subscription! (Signup Now)

A nice whistle by Feadog featuring a tunable mouthpiece and an attractive nickle plated body.

Dixon Trad, Key of D

Price: $32.00 Free with Quarterly Subscription! (Signup Now)

A favorite whistle of mine at any price, the “Trad” by Tony Dixon features a similar design to many of the traditional mass produced whistles but with a slightly larger bore which helps with improving tone and intonation with an in tune 0XX 000 C-natural fingering. The hand tooled mouthpiece is also tunable.

Dixon Aluminum, Key of D

Price:$64.95 Free with Yearly Subscription! (Signup Now)

Due to its thick walled aluminum body, this whistle has a more substantial tone than the Trad and has a nice feel due to it’s added weight. This whistle rivals many costing 4x it’s price! Tunable.

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