Tune Requests & Feedback

Below is my projected teaching roadmap (subject to change). To request a tune/lesson, click here.

Submission Guidelines

  • Tunes requested must be traditional (i.e. public domain) and not recently composed for copyright reasons.
  • I generally teach from the Irish traditional repertoire. I do make the occasional exception if the tune is particularly fitting on the Irish flute/whistle.
  • Understand that I have a very long queue of requests and as I teach one tune per week, it could be a very long time until I reach your request. I do appreciate the requests and feedback though so keep them coming!
Request By Instrument
Castle Kelly
Fix “Tripping up the Stairs” prairiewhistle
Dobbin’s Flowery Vale (Reel – Altan’s Harvest Album) Smallpiper Whistle
Real Old Mountain Dew Scott Whistle
Boil the Breakfast Early mloganh Whistle
O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick falchion Flute
The Sheep on the Mountain tniehus56 Whistle
Flute Accompaniment Auntie_Lo Flute
The Green Hills of Tyrol bradsaindon Whistle*
Crib of Perches (Matt Molloy Version) jeddybabe Flute*
The Thatcher papillon Whistle*
Templehouse Reel Fleur Flute
A Fig for a Kiss Stacey H. Whistle
Temperance Reel Brownie Flute
St. Anne’s Reel Brownie Whistle
Whiskey Before Breakfast Brownie Flute
TBA Whistle
The Mill Pond (Reel / Kevin Crawford) Brownie Flute
Star of the County Down tharadir Flute
Carraroe Jig Samuel McKee Whistle
Glasgow Reel (Tamlin) Samuel McKee Whistle
Mary Young and Fair Michael Flute
Man of the House mr.thomasschmidt Flute
King of the Fairies Puckish60 Whistle
The Immigrant StevenKidwell Whistle
Brian Boru’s March jpman81 Flute
The Coolin (An Chúileann) mr.thomasschmidt Flute
The Maids of Castlebar Ryan2010 Flute
Lord Gordon’s Reel mr.thomasschmidt Whistle
Sliabh Geal gCua Mikethebook Flute
George White’s Favorite Salvi
Apples in Winter Brownie Flute
Green Fields of Rossbeigh davidy Flute
Cape Clear Mikethebook Not Specified
O’Carolan’s Concerto Brownie Flute
The Bride’s Favorite Brownie Flute
Tabhair Dom Do Lamh Lawman1965 Flute
Báidín Fheilimí ASHegg Whistle
The Gold Ring Seantrad Whistle or Flute
Lady Ann Montgomery mloganh Whistle or Flute

*Requested to be taught on specifically whistle or flute.

Some other tunes I may fit into the schedule are…

Scartaglen (D Reel)
Noisy Curlew (D Reel)
The Shaskeen (G Reel)

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