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Welcome to my online courses!  I hope they serve you well in your musical journey!

Bodhrán Students

All you need to do to get started is to click here to be taking to the course page.  You’ll also see links to it and the bodhrán student forums to the right.

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Whistle & Flute Students

My whistle & flute course is comprised of 2 main sections: the tune & technique libraries.  The big idea here is that I’ll be teaching through tunes.  If you’re just beginning, take a look at the beginner appropriate tune lessons as they include “Bare Bones” versions of the tunes without any ornamentation.  When you’re ready to start incorporating ornamentation into your playing, pick a tune that you’ve already learned and give the ornamented version a try!  When you come across a technique that you are unfamiliar with, open up the technique library and study up on that particular skill.  When it comes to learning ornaments on the flute & whistle, you’ll want to start with cuts, taps & rolls (in that order). It’s very important that you don’t work on your rolls until you’ve mastered your cuts & taps individually.

Also for beginning students, please go through my foundational course first before progressing to the tune & technique libraries!

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