From Bethany, the Master

From Bethany, the Master from Blayne Chastain on Vimeo.

Was looking for a hymn for Palm Sunday and stumbled into these old lyrics…

From Bethany, the Master

Words: Marion Ham
Music: Blayne Chastain, 2013

From Bethany, the Master
Comes down Mt. Olive’s slope,
And all the world is singing,
A glad new song of hope;

Cry out, O stately cedars,
Along the rugged way!
Ye vineyards, shout hosanna,
To greet this happy day!

The King of Love, in triumph
Rides through the city’s gate;
Rejected, scorned—yet Victor,
The Conqueror of hate;

O wave your green palm branches!
Exalt His matchless worth!
This King of Love shall conquer
The nations of the earth.

Not of this world His kingdom;
His power is from above;
His realm is of the spirit,
His scepter—Truth and Love;

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